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On the brink of tears q-_-p help please


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2/20/2013 I purchased HS1A headset from a store in my town. I went home and it really was an amazing sound. Later that day people in the VoIP program i use were saying it kept making a loud pop and couldnt hear me. I said ok ill just use an old headsets microphone. A week or two went by and the LEFT side was cutting out and stopped working. I returned the headset and exchanged for another HS1A and worked perfectly untell week or so the left ear went out and then the right. I said im going to try and give it one more chance and just say it was a fluke. I decided to get the HS1 (USB this time). Installed driver and was blown away by the sound quality. Started up my VoIP prgram and the same thing with the MICROPHONE. So much feedback and high pitch POPPING. I have been gaming since 1999 and NEVER had any issues withheadsets like these. I tried to call and send RMA and never got a hold of someone. I know your busy and will get around to it but im just a little frustrated q-_-p. I hope i didnt offend anyone at Corsair, im just trying to explain whats happening. I read a couple other posts and someone was saying i had to send in my headset but this is my 3rd exchange (from retailer not corsair). I dont want to wait couple weeks with no sound.grrr hard to type what im trying to say but i hope somoene can help me
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