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Question about fans used on H110


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I see the pictures of the fans used on the H110. I am very curious about something. Corsair recommends these fans blow against/through the radiator.


Now Corsair makes both High Air Flow and High Static Pressure fans. The High Static Pressure fans are means to blow against something like a heatsink/radiator. The High Air Flow fans are meant to suck the most air out of something or blow the most air unobstructed.


The High Air Flow fans have more blades that are thin in width. The High Static Pressure fans have fewer blades that are like twice as wide.


Now what curious and confusing to me is the fans included with the H110 are recommended to blow against the radiator but look like the High Air Flow fans (with the narrow width) instead of the High Static Pressure fans that are meant to do what Corsair recommends (blow against).


So what's the deal on this?

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