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An upgrade for my Asus P9X79 Pro


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Hi everyone


It's been a while since my last upgrade and now's the time for it. The current memory I have been using is a modified CMZ32GX3M4X1866C10. Don't get me wrong, this was an awesome piece of tech but can't keep up with the mass amounts of work that is needed.


For a while, i had my eyes set on the Dominator Platinum, but the question is: is it compatible with my mobo? If its not possible, then which other ones would you recommend? Or shall I just get another 4 and ramp it up to 64Gb?


If you are going to recommend something new, please make sure that it is darkly coloured due to the fact that my computer is mainly black with green (to match my razer peripherals)

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Yes, the platinums would be compatible. However there would be no performance difference between the Vengence series that you have already been using.


If you really need to upgrade to 64gig I would suggest just getting a single matched 64gig kit instead of adding a second kit to your existing one.


Corsair does not suggest or support mixing/combing kits because of the various issues that can come from it. There is just no way to guarantee that any two random kits would work together or not.

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