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H80i high idle temps


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i got the h80i today and got everything installed. at first i was having driver issues but i finally got that fixed. now i seem to be having temperature issues. the idle temp on my i5 760 (stock speeds) is about 45c. previously i was using a cooler master hyper 212 plus and the idle speed was about 35c. that definitely can't be right.


changing fan speeds has very little impact on the temperature, if any impact at all. i have them set to balanced right now. i've reseated the pump 4-5 times trying to figure out if the cold plate wasn't fully touching the cpu or if the thermal paste wasn't applied correctly. none of that seems to work. i'm using the pea method for the thermal paste and tightening the thumb screws diagonally ( 1 3 2 4).


the back plate is a bit loose before screwing down the pump but once that's done everything feels pretty tight. i can't feel any play in the mounting hardware. however, once everything is running, if i put a bit of pressure on the pump the temperature does drop a few degrees.


after running prime95 for a minute or so the temperature is about 73c. while playing black ops 2 the temperature is 58c-60c or so.


any suggestions?

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it seems i may have fixed it using the washer method. i've been running prime95 for about 5 minutes and the temperature is much lower than previous tests. before adding the washers starting prime95 caused the temperature to jump almost instantly to 70c. however, after adding the washers and running prime95 for just a few minutes it's up to 48c. so that's a huge difference.


btw, the motherboard i'm using is an asus p7p55de pro with a core i5 760.

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