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Corsair 850w is making a ticking noise again?


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So I have this experience where my computer would make random ticking sounds that sound like two marbles hitting each other softly. I had this problem before on my older computer and I thought it was the power supply, so i RMAed and replaced it. While i was waiting for my replacement to arrive, I bought new parts and built a whole new computer, but it had the same motherboard and graphics card models (gtx 680 and msiz77agd65 mobo). After I got my psu back and put the computer together with the new parts, I started getting the same exact ticking noise again. I'm thinking this could be a problem with the msi boards in general or the replacement PSU is the one making that ticking noise again since I bought all new parts and the sound is still there.

PS: I am not experiencing any instabilities in the system. Computer runs fine without any trouble. The only problem that I'm getting is that strange sound. I also removed the hard drive, graphics card, and fans yet i'm still getting that ticking/clicking noise. What should I do now?

I literally can't find a single person on the internet who has the same kind of noise that i'm getting, which seems rather hopeless. It's as if aliens are trying to communicate with me via that ticking noise and no one seems to know what the hell i'm talking about. As frustrating and time consuming this problem is, it still feels kinda funny. If someone could help me figure this out, I would really really really appreciate it!

new specs:

msi z77agd67 (1 month old)

msi gtx680 (1 month old)

i7 3770k (1 month old)

Corsair 850w psu (replacement = 1 month old)

Corsair vengeance 8gb (replacement = 1 month old)

old specs:

msi z77agd67 (2 years old)

msi gtx680 (1 year old)

i5 2400 (2 years old)

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nope, take your fingers and flick your nails against each other and you'll pretty much hear almost exactly what it sounds like. Either that or listen to the sound that one marble makes when it hits another marble (you'll get a higher pitched noise then flicking your finger, but it's still pretty close to the noise i'm talking about). The noise is also inconsistant and does not have a pattern like the audio clip you gave me and it isn't an ongoing noise. It's really is extremely random and happens whenever it wants to.
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Yep i have a gs-700 it doesn't make that kind of noise but it makes this very loud noise coming from the fan all of corsairs psu's have some sort of problem relating to them being noisy i have had mine for a month or so it seems to be getting worse if anything but it may get better over time (I hope) and if it all comes to the worst and it stops working, just get your warranty, take your money, and run.
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I have the HX750 and I was getting that exact noise. Almost like a little electric spark. It even did it when EVERYTHING was unplugged.

I had it plugged into a power bar with a couple other things so I tried unplugging all the other stuff and that seems to have fixed it. I've reconnected everything, I've even plugged everything back into the power bar and the noise didn't come back... yet.

Hope that helps.

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Sherif - Is the noise present even if the fan is not running? and does it change or get louder when the system is under load? the way you have described it, sounds like the noise is consistent and steady.
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Hi, I just installed my new AX760i this week and I am experiencing the same noise.


http://vidup.de/v/gWWBq (Borrowed video, same noise)


The fan moves a tiny bit while idling, making a relatively loud "click" noise. With the rest of the computer being very silent it's hard to ignore.


The only work around I have found is to set the fan speed to 40%, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having a PSU fan that is supposed to be 100% silent at idle, no?


Hoping for a permanent solution.

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I too am experiencing the constant, fast ticking sound with the new TX650 when the fan is OFF. The fan is not moving at all when the clicking sound is being made--I've checked multiple times--it is coming from somewhere else inside the PSU.


FYI, I own 3 TX650w (predecessor to the new model) and they have performed quietly and flawlessly for years. Too bad about this one--I will be returning it.


FYI, my system is an Ivybridge i7-3770 running on a Asus mATX Deluxe board.

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I just bought a built a computer with the CX750, and I am having this same ticking/clicking noise randomly every second or so. I have tried having the computer closed (at which point none of the fans are turning), and the ticking continued until I'd cut the power switch or unplug the cable.

I have not tried really-heavy load, but it is constant.

I'd really like if you found out about a solution because I'd really like if I didn't have to tear down my new build to send the psu back.

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