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H80 problem: I think it's dead - help!


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Hi everyone,


I just started experiencing major issues with my H80 cooling unit, and I believe it's pretty much gone. Here's what's happening, and what I've done so far:


I purchased and installed the H80 in my LGA775 Intel processor computer in September 2011, roughly 1.5 years ago. It has been working flawlessly since then, keeping my cpu at roughly 35 degrees f.


For the record, I'm not a gamer or overclocker. I use my computer for professional video editing and animation production.


Two days ago I started experiencing repeated fan failure errors upon booting the system. It got annoying at first, but it seemed to go away when restarting. It happened again a couple of times yesterday. I noticed the temperature hovered around 55 F, but was estable anyway.


This morning I started the computer, got the fan failure error on booting. Restated again, and within 15 minutes of operation, the computer overheated and shut down. :eek:


After it cooled down, I opened the case to see what was happening. This is what I found out:


- The lights on the H80 were completely off. I checked the power connection, all good. Checked the fans and cables, all good. The unit seems solidly placed on the CPU, and nothing seems loose or unplugged. Restarted the machine again to test what happens, step by step.


- Randomly, the lights on the H80 would turn on, stay lit for about 20 seconds, then turn off completely (with the corresponding sudden raise of CPU temperature).


- Tapping the H80 unit with my fingers would make the lights come up... only to turn off and on randomly at 20 or 30 second intervals.


- Every now and then, without me pressing the set button, the lights on the H80 would start spinning, the the icon of the little man blinking wildly. Then the lights on the unit would turn off, and on again, and off, and on... then start spinning and blinking again.


Pretty maddening.


- I proceeded to reset the firmware in the H80 unit by following the procedure listed in these forums. The reset procedure made no difference. It keeps doing the same thing, turning itself on and off, and overheating. This means I can't use my computer until this problem is fixed. :confused:


At this point I believe the H80 cooling pump is either defective or it just simply died, and I can't finish a couple of ongoing client projects.


Is there anything else I'm missing, or should I go ahead and request an RMA number? (it's only 1.5 years old!)


Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Also, for the record, I have not installed any new components to my computer in more than one year, or installed any major software. As explained, I mostly use it for video editing and animation with Adobe CS5. The H80 just suddenly stopped working properly.


I may have to pull one of the hard drives and see if I can continue work for one of my current projects on a smaller Mac. Not as fast, thought.


I wonder if there's a way to expedite the request for a new RMA number. My work depends on this computer.


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Request an RMA to replace the H80.


You can also request an advanced RMA by calling customer service via phone. An advanced RMA means you'll get the replacement H80 cooler first once you receive it, you'll need to send your faulty one back to Corsair. This requires a valid CC.


You can call customer service via Skype for free by calling their toll-free number.

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