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Corsair C70 - Order in replacement parts?


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I have a Corsair C70 for my case on my PC, I never really liked the smoked side window with the two 140mm fan mounts. To deal with this, I ended up buying my own plexiglass to cut to shape and screw into the side...

Problem is, while doing this, my dog chewed one of the four grey brackets that hold the window onto the case.


Now to my question, I was wondering if there is any way for me to get a hold of this piece I need. I really don't want to have my case look like this.




At the moment I have double sided foam tape holding the plexi in place. It does the job, but it doesn't look good.

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your best bet would be too use the RMA link at the left and explain what you need.

or give Corsair a call. hopefully you won't have too buy the entire side panel but I'm sure you can get just the window brackets. I was able too get parts for my C70 (hardware kit) at no charge too me but it was due too missing hardware not doggy damage.

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