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H100i Warming too.


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I'm having some problems ...


I bought a H100i recently changed already 2x the thermal paste but the temperature remains high, away from what is promised by Corsair.


1.Temperatura in 10% load 29C, 62C that temperature jumps immediately when the computer 100% load


Some review demonstrate that con Clock 4ghz his temperature reaches 54C 100% load.


What impressed me is that the product box says clocked at 4.6 in temperature should be 48C.


I want to know what can be wrong? How do I get this temperature?


Configurations of my PC:



Corsair AX850

EVGA 560Ti

2xVegeance 8gb 1600


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From personal experience you can get high temperatures because of two reasons, bad montage (solved by reseathing the cooling on the CPU) or bad overclock, but as I see your temps are not that high, try to OC Phenom to see the real hell.
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