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ax1200i fan


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ok so I have been trying out my power supply using the corsair logging. and I and have been checking the results of it.

I am using 460 watts to 560 watts. temp of psu is about 31 to 32c and the fan is not coming on I can see it twitching every once in a while but does not start spinning fully.

its my understanding that it is ment to come on at 20% and so on.

or is is it power+temp to make fan come does it have to be over a certain temp. the fan work in manual mode.

also efficiency dropped down to 77% for about 10 second is this normal thanks

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  • Corsair Employee
That sounds normal. The PSU has a fan less mode where the fan only kicks in under a certain amount of load and when the internal components gets hot to a certain degree. Its a combination of both.
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