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cmpsu-850TX went bad


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hi all

cmpsu-850TX bought on 2-7-09 at new egg

my ps has 9.57v with vid card pluged in and 12.21 unpluged

and card does not work at that voltage .

my ps is bad im pretty sure ?


oh and i did try all 3 pci slots with 3 difrent cards


gtx285 know good

gts8800 know good


and with only the 8400 card it will boot and work and voltage is 12.21.


so is ps bad ?

if so wheen i rma can i upgrade two a ax850 are hx850 and pay some ?

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but its not there yet i really want a hx 850

and pay the difference is that possible.

If you purchased it directly from the Corsair store it might be possible. But since you bought it at newegg over three years ago you will receive the same model in return. They cant just upgrade or change models unless there are extenuating circumstances.


If you need an advanced RMA you will have to call CS on the phone to arrange that because of credit card security reasons.

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