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M90 button assigments


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I just got my new M90, and Ive run into a minor, but still in some situations annoying issues in regards to the possibilities of button assignments.


I want to map some of the buttons to the 4-9 keys on the keyboard, and the only way I can figure out how to do this is by making a macro which simulates pressing a key on the keyboard once.


however in some situations (say in a game like TERA), it is necessary to hold down the key for a prolonged time, like a few seconds. The only way the above method can do this is if I insert a longer, fixed delay. However the exact time I would like to hold down a key might variate, so this option is hardly ideal.


is there any way to make a button on the M90 emulate fully a given key on my keyboard, so I can have hold down the mouse button for a various time period and have the software emulate this, or do I simply have to live with the fixed macro solution?


Best regards.

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