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Is CMZ24GX3M6A1600C9 compatible with GA-X58A-OC


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I have a Gigabyte GA-X58A-OC motherboard with CMX6GX3M3A1600C9 Corsair RAM.


I am looking to upgrade my ram to the CMZ24GX3M6A1600C9.


I have checked my motherboard and it is compatible with up to 24GB RAM. But here's where I get confused.


It does not mention if it is compatible with 1600MHz RAM (which my current RAM is) and it does not list the CMZ24GX3M6A1600C9 on the supported memory list.


I'm getting rather confused and I don't want to spend £130 only to find that the RAM is not compatible with my motherboard.



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Those modules are compatible. You won't find them on your manufacturers QVL because those lists are made up at the time of pre-production with modules that wee available at the time . Sadly those lists are rarely updated if at all.


As far as speed is concerned, you can run 1600mhz with the use of the XMP profile. It would be considered a slight memory overclock .


You can check your MB manual for instructions on how to enable XMP. It will be located in the advanced BIOS features usually.

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