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Samsung 830 SSD Not Showing In System or Groups


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Just installed the Corsair Link Software Update Version 2.3.4816 and noticed that my Samsung 830 SSD (the drive with my operating system) is not showing in the System or Groups tabs. It does show up on the devices page. Any thoughts on why it wouldn't be showing under System or Groups? Both of my Western Digital hard drives are showing up correctly, just not the Samsung.


BTW - It was showing under System and Groups tabs in the previous Link software (and the temp readout was even correct).

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It might be a sw bug.


Uninstall the SW and delete any remaining files from

C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair




Reinstall the software as admin and run the program as admin. Does it work now?


No change. It still doesn't show up under System or Groups, but it is there under Devices.

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