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Things That Make You Go ... Huh?


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Things about the LINK software that make me shake my head...


  • The Sierra2 service isn't part of the software any more, yet the Options tab still shows the service as 'Running' (perhaps it now refers to the new Corsair LINK Hardware Monitor)
  • Even though the Sierra2 service is gone, configuration information is stored in sierra2_ui.cfg.
  • The sierra2_ui.cfg is not a configuration file at all, just a text file containing the name of the current profile.
  • Profiles are stored in .xml files, but if you look inside, it isn't XML!
  • If you re-arrange the groups, the numbers don't update to the new order.
  • If you remove a group (such as a hard drive), there is no way to re-create the group.
  • There are actions that can be assigned to each item in the groups, but no indication at all what triggers them (I can only assume it is when the maximum 'detail' value is hit).

And a bonus...

  • If you change the font color, there is no way to return it to the default because it is not in the provided palette (and the value is not exposed in any of the disk files or in the Registry).

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1. Yes that is for the CorsairLINK Hardware Monitor

2-3. It's just there so it knows which profile to load when the software starts.

6. Save your profile and restart the software. You should be able to recreate the group.

7. When the device is passed the max. value, the selected notification options will be executed.

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