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Spilt coffee on my K90


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Yeah.. :( completely dead, so I went back to my old keyboard for a few weeks then decided to try my K90 again and a lot of keys have regained function but some have not.


I wonder if anyone has some tips to try and completely restore the keyboard myself at home? cuz I'm pretty sure my Warranty is void on this hehe.



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Have you tried popping off all the keys and cleaning them?

Might just be coffee gunk on them that needs cleaning.


Also taking out the screws and taking the keyboard apart and cleaning it with a damp cloth / rag or some damp Q-Tips. (First unplug the keyboard from the computer of course- yeah I know but some people might forget to do this, not saying you.)


Then using a hair dryer or leaving it alone for a day to completely dry off before putting it back together and trying it.


Take some pics and post if you can.



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