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H100i not detected with new software.


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I got a bit of a weird issue. :confused:


I bought the H100i 2 weeks ago and installed that with software version 2.2.0, updated the FW to 1.0.5 and had the new PWM fans connected. All was running fine, I saw H100i plus both fans. The software was hit and run under win8, but at least everything worked.


Today I bought the Link Commander cooling & lighting kit and installed that, together with the newly released software. It started of with the fans not running and cpu fan error. I fixed that by flashing link commander to FW 2.0.6. Now the pump runs and fans spin.


The only issue now is that both the H100i, and the fans don't show in the dashboard.


I have the fans connected to the pump using the y-splitter, and have one of those digital cables plugged in the side of the pump going to the commander. Seems to me everything is connected ok, but it doesn't show. Any ideas? :(:

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I am not to sure about this link commander/software. Since installing I see the fan speed of one of my fans being all over the place, ranging from 250 rpm to over 16000 rpm.... :bigeyes:


Also it came with a warning that the core voltage was too low. :confused:


another warning about my motherboard temp being 62 degrees C. :roll:


Plugging into another header makes no difference, still can't see H100i. Uninstalling and re-installing same story.


Seems the software is controlling the fans (as far as I notice) but sucks the readings out of it's thumb.


Looking at AI suite shows all temps correct........ any options? flashing back to 1.04 most likely will start showing my H100i as another forum posts a user had the same issue with it not being detected with FW 1.05...... HELP :D:

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