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HX 750W Potential RMA


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Hi guys,


Quick question for the customer care side of things (hope this is the right place). I'm going to have to RMA my PSU as it has developed a fan 'ticking' noise. It's definitely the PSU itself...I've jumped it using the paperclip test and it's a noise caused, as far as I can tell, the fan.


However, this is the third Corsair item I've had to RMA in the last 8 months or so (previously an M60 mouse which bricked itself and an H100 which shorted itself out) and I'm getting a bit tired of paying £10+ each time (I also have a failed Corsair SSD which also needs an RMA!) I was hoping I would be able to get the postage paid for on the PSU RMA, given the bad luck I seem to be having with Corsair products. Thanks!



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Sorry to hear of all the problems you've had. However your questions would be best asked if you called CS by phone. Shipping charges and the like would have to be approved through them and can't be arranged here on the forums.


If you happen to be out of the US or overseas, you can instal and use SKYPE to make the call for free.

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