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H100 Blew up (literally...)


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First, I have been ONLY 100% satisfied with ALL of my Corsair products (SSD's, Peripherals, 800D, the list goes on...). When I sat down at my PC tonight to get my game on, i noticed that my H100 light wasn't on (I keep it on setting 2, since i don't OC). I popped the door off my 800D to see if i just needed to hit the button, and to make sure it was even running. As soon as i go to place my hand on it, I get a handful of liquid and a lose front half of my cooling unit... I quickly shut it down and unplug it from the wall, and lay the PC on it's side.


Long story long, I've disassembled my entire PC today, cleaned everything as best as I could, removed the broken H100, installed my stock CPU cooler, reinstalled everything else, and now it seems to be running fine. There wasn't A LOT of liquid on the MB or GPU's. But there was still some.


I did this entire build around a year ago, give or take.


I have pictures if need be. I tired uploading them and it kept saying service not available.


Thanks ahead of time!


edit - links to pics






Sorry if i'm not supposed to link images!

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Interesting, I would like to see the pictures. I am sure Corsair would too. If you have been building computers very long you know that stuff like this happens. Can you tell what the mode of failure was.


Corsair hopefully will replace your cooler. I have been running 4 of the H50s since they first came out and just recently upgraded 2 of them to the H80i and H100i. Not one problem on any of them.

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