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H100i High Idle temps


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Yes i follow exaclty the instruction, actually first i Installed in a Pull config, but since the intructions says in a Push config i change it .....but same result.

And im using Real temp already.



I did change the Termal Paste, and when i remove the waterblock i notice that there are not thermal compound in the middle of the CPU. Maybe the waterblock is not making enough pressure?

i dont want to tigth the srews to much becasue we all know it will brake....


thaks for the reply...

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Based on what you said about the thermal compound, I would agree that the waterblock isn't making good contact with the CPU. Make sure it is tightly secured.


The water block is secured im sure, should i add some washers???


id check the cpu usage first,even say like 15% usage will make idle temps go to those temps


Che cpu usage is 2% on idle

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I've had the same issues, I'm currently doing an RMA on my H100i (I don't think this is the issue though and I have a 3770k and my idles are a bit lower then yours). After I switch the coolers (assuming the one I receive isn't faulty) I'll be able to determine if its my cpu or not because the IHS could be terrible on my processor.


So you can do an RMA and do some research on how intel did your processor IHS

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Is this Normal?


I have a i950 and my temps are showing on idle 42-45....

is this normal, is my h100i bad installed?




Yes this is normal for an i7-950 processor.

I have the exact same processor and it always idles around that value.

For me I have it running at 36-38 degrees celcius Idle. Guess I have a better airflow in my case than you have.

(see attached screenshot of my Corsair Link)




It has something to do with how this chip is built.

Even when you put a stock cooler on it the temperature will be around your values idle.

Somehow the Socket 1366 processors run alot hotter than the Socket 1155 processors. That is how they are designed I guess.

I was wondering this myself and done alot of reading on different forums to see if it should be cooler or if this idle value is good.


1 thing though.

Is your processor overclocked or not?

If it is overclocked than it has higher idle temps and your idle temp is good then.

If it is not overclocked and runs stock than you might wanna upgrade your airflow in the case a bit more, as you can see in above screenshot I run it alot lower idle.

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