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Looking for a new case


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I am looking for a new computer case and have been browsing Corsair's lineup on Newegg. There are fourteen different Mid-tower ATX cases advertised on Newegg and I do not know which one to choose. I would appreciate recommendations based on what I want in my case.


  • Plenty of fan mounts. I want plenty of airflow coming in from the front and the side (120 and 140mm fans primarily)
  • Ability to fit my Corsair H100 liquid cpu cooler in push/pull configuration
  • Excellent cable management (not just good, it needs to be superb)
  • Exemplary build quality and durability (less plastic, more metal).
  • I don't want a drive cage blocking airflow from the front. And if there is a drive cage, it must be able to be removed if I want to
  • Mid-tower ATX


The one that looks most promising so far is the Corsair Obsidian Series 550D except I heard it can't support H100 in push/pull. I hope I can get some great advice!

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