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TwinX3200LL gone bad?


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About a year ago i bought a pack of Corsair TwinX1024 pc3200LL (v1.2 2-3-2-6)

Ever since i have those two modules, i wondered why the code on the sticks say their timings are 2.5-3-2-6 (im using an intel PC) but i didnt really care about it.. (maybe its supposed to be like that, and you have to set it to their timings manually?)


But, a few days ago, i tested my PC with memtest during the night (8 hours)

and it came up with 9 errors, out of 48 passes (not much..) but i dont know what it all means, and sometimes my PC will just lock up, i cant reproduce it, since it will never crash when im working/investigating, but as soon as someone else (anyone) touches it, like opening 2 IE windows, it will crash. (maybe it behaves because it knows its me)


I dont know if i should bring the sticks back to the store where i bought them, so im asking here :)


The specifications of my PC:

Abit IC7-G

Pentium 4 2.4c

Radeon 9800pro

Corsair TwinX3200LL (2x 512) v1.2 (2-3-2-6)

400watt Zalman PSU


heres the exact text i found when i woke up. (as i said, its very hard for me to recreate the errors..)

WallTime | cached | RsvdMem | MemMap | Cache |  ECC | Test | Pass | Errors | ECC Errs.
8:00:08  | 1024M  | 20M     |e820-Std|   on  | off  | Std  | 48   |    9   |    0
 tst    |  pass  |  failing adress  |   good |   bad  | err-bits |  count | chan
  3     |    17  |00001612b20-22.1MB|80808080|81808080|   010000 | 9    1 |


additional thread on overclockers forums at http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?t=327638

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ever since those errors were found, i havent been able to reproduce them.. memtest stays at 0 errors :/ this could mean time for a party if it were not for my PC to keep acting weird.. (system hangs every 3 seconds, so you cant do a thing, then it continues, it does this about 4 times a week, untill i reboot) sometimes ill just start two instances of IE, and the PC will crash..


also, maybe this can have something to do with it, the RAM is running in dual channel and im only getting 2611mb/s bandwith from it (according to memtest) while sandra says ive got 5000mb/s bandwith.. and with single channel its even lower at 1600mb/s!



edit: tried 2.7v but the problems kept occuring :/

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  • Corsair Employees
This type of issue can be caused by bad or failing memory, but you would normally see consistent failures in test 4 if that were the case. And that might suggest a power problem, either from the PSU or on the MB. I would try and test your memory and CPU in another MB as that will help identify were to start. And/or try another PSU with your system!
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uhm, that will be hard but ill try... this is my "best" PSU, zalman 400w (specifications)

and i dont have any money to buy another one..

and for the motherboard.. i will see if i can get a friend to test the sticks in his PC.. though he has got an AMD so the sticks wont be able to run at 200mhz...


i will attach an image of MBM, showing that all the voltage rails are pretty stable.. (though the +12v rail will usually be at 11.92v going up to 11.98 and going down to 11.88 at times.. but 11.88 only happenes a little)


thank you for your help so far :)


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  • Corsair Employees

Well the PSU should be fine, but like anything else it might have a problem.

And the Negative voltages are all whacked. That may not be anything to worry about, but I would see if you can barrow another PSU just to test with based on what you have posted!

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