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Definitive fix research to prevent psu noise?


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Hi corsair crew and owners.Its been a while since I'm building my dream gaming rig. I did my best to get the best to put in quality component my money buy.I've been Hearing about Corsair reputation for a while so I finnaly decided to jump in the boat by choosing a TX-750 to deliver power to this little baby.


Been powering up my pc with some old cheap rocketfish psu i bought a while back until recently... Its was listed as a 700w but I heard it hardly deliver 500 and that was worrying me a little bit to get this thing still run as its pretty old and I experienced some system instability with it. I though it was a relief when I finnaly received my new psu but upon powering up that bad boy to play a game things went far from expected. I experience these noise coming from the psu along with the jiggling fan. I tried everything to get rid of it but ended up rma the said psu because it didn't do any good.


I have to admit Corsair company has one of if not the best costummer support I experienced. After about a month I received my second TX-750 but things were no better... I went into every power saving feature I could find (c1e,eist,epu, never found the erp though.).I'm pretty sure gpu is the culprit here but my it seemed fine with my previous psu. It did no good if it aint worst.


This situation is becoming quite annoying as I made my pc to be especially quite so all I hear is that ticking sound that is about to drive me nuts. I ain't intend to bad wrap about Corsair quality as Error is human but I need to know if you guys planning some definitive fix for these problematic psu. I'm wondering if there is any way to keep the fan turning as there is no noise when its spinning.


I will accept any tip from people who had fix this issue and I'll post my spec below as a comparative to anyone with similar spec. If I can do anything to test/help to find cure i'll be a happier guy.


Asus sabertooth z77, Core i7 3570k, 1333 mhz krv memory 4x2, asus gtx 670 dc ii 2048 Gddr5.

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Your having pretty much the exact same problem as me the ticking noise is extremely frustrating, and also to go along i have a similar build to you as well i haven't heard back yet i made a post about it but I'm not sure if the problem has been addressed yet, i hope they have
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