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Mounting a H110 in Push/pull


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OK a stupid, noob question but its been awhile since I built a system and never used a similar product like the H110.


I know 8 longer screws are included with the H110, but I assume you would need 8 more for the other set of fans. I will be building in the 900D when it comes out. I bought some other fans to use with the H110 but the screws on those are very short and would not work with the H110.


So do the cases include these now a days or do I need to buys some more screws? Any idea if corsair sells the black ones seperately?



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Well,Thanks, good to know that the cases in the past have included them.


sorry,you've misunderstood me,i mentioned a 2 fan setup,not a 4 fan push/pull

but do like i did,just take one of the fan screws and get longer ones at a hardware store

i recall mine were like 32 cents each.

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