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I post this here so someone can help me solve my problem.

I requested a RMA to replace corsair carbridge 500R top panel with the case #5667796, the RMA was aproved and they shipped me the replacement, however the replacement I received was for a 600t graphite series not for my 500R as I stated in the RMA.

What should I do now?

Already emailed ramguy and Im waiting for his answer.

See the attached photos for more info.



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Synthohol, anyone can email ramguy.


alrojimenez - Looks like Ram Guy forwarded this on to spare parts to be corrected the same day you sent the email.


Thank you technobeard and ramguy.

Any info about the new shipment/RMA will be gladly appreciated.

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Today, I received a reply to the rma saying the front i/o will be sent tomorrow, but im still waiting for the top panel for wich i requested an rma 1+ month ago and received a wrong part, Its so difficult to package the correct one and resend it?

Thanks for the update ramguy.

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  • Corsair Employees

Okay I am sorry and I can see you are frustrated but I dont understand what we need to send you with what you posted. So please take a breath and tell me what exactly You need.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

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Ok, sorry im a bit frustrated as u said, I opened this thread because I received the wrong replacement, the replacement was for my case top panel, I even emailed you with the docs I received with it to proove the replacement was wrong, I received the top panel of a graphite series 600T when my case is a 500R, then I requested the front i/o panel, that will be sent tomorrow, because one of the usb connectors wont work, but since then, no news about the correct top panel being sent or not.


So the main point is that the top panel was not the correct one, thats the only thing left to solve.


Thanks and sorry again if any of my posts where rude.

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