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I got the keyboard when they first came out. I loved it even with the key lettering fading issues. I didnt want to rma it, because if you dont know where the letters are by now you shouldnt be using a computer. Well the control keys wouldnt stay after awhile, every time I pressed the key would come off. So time to go back. Well I got the keyboard back on friday and it worked and looked great. Well I was typing away on it the L key and it wasnt working and the least you can say I wasn't a happy camper.


Well I called support and like all Corsair products they stood by thier product and sent me a new one out that day plus a return label.


I also have the 1500 headset and from what I've read in the forums here and at New Egg people were having a problem taking them out of the packaging and breaking them. I dont know if they redesigned the packaging but I didnt have a problem. I love the sound I get from them and I use them when everyone is sleeping as when I am playing I like it loud.


Thanks for the great support and keep up the good work

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