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What firmware version am I running?


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I am sorry if this is a stupid question, but how can you tell what version of the firmware is running on your H100i?


Can you find this information without installing Corsair Link? I have tried looking in Device Manager without any joy.


The reason I want to know is that I have finished build my new computer and while the temperatures are very good, and the fans are reasonably quiet, there is unfortunately a very annoying sound that is a cross between a continuous buzz and a whine emanating from the top of the case.


I read in the forum that some people have managed to successfully banish these unnecessary and very irritating H100i noises by updating the firmware.


At the moment I am running the two supplied Corsair PWM fans from CPU Fan and CPU OPT on my Asus motherboard and controlling all the fans in the computer from Asus FanExpert+ software.


I 100% do not want to install Corsair Link unless I really have no choice to use it to update the firmware.


So here is my problem, I know that the latest firmware is 1.0.5. How can I tell whether the firmware I am currently running is up to date?


Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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