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2 corsair wireless headset in same house?


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Hi there


I just got some mic probleme with my headset, it's the cable.


So my brother buyed a corsair wireless vengeance headset. I really like it so i wanted to know if i buy one do we will get some interference when we will talk on them at the same time? is room is right under mine so the distance is pretty short. And i know that he still can talk in my room with no problem so the distance is under 12 m.


I just want to be sure before buying one

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Aren't they all on the same frequency? Won't you get someone else's audio if you go too close to their USB dongle?


Adaptive channel hopping solves this problem. It uses a number of algorithms to determine if a channel is already in use or otherwise shouldn't be used, and then simply stays away from those channels.


In other words, when you turn on your Vengeance 2000, within milliseconds it's figured out where your wireless router is operating, and it makes sure never to venture into those channels.


If your neighbor turns on his wireless router halfway through your gaming session, the Vengeance 2000 knows that before there's the chance of it noticeably interfering with your audio.


Channel collision is still possible; for instance, the Vengeance 2000 wireless headset and another channel-hopping device might try to jump on the same channel at the same time. But, this will be a rare occurrence in most real-world environments, and the collision will last for only milliseconds. A lot of engineering hours have been spent to ensure that you simply won't notice when it happens, so you'll enjoy uninterrupted gaming audio

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