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Headset cracked... AGAIN.


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Alright, so, I bought a pair of Vengeance 2000's in December. They cracked about a month later and I RMA'd them (at my expense). The whole process took a bit longer than a week (being Canadian) and after being unable to VoIP for a week, I got a new set of V2000's. Except, with this pair, the USB extender for the USB wireless stick won't display a connection. Fine, whatever. It only really affects the range and I'm not too concerned with that. However, today, after about a month's use, my new RMA'd pair of 2000's cracked AGAIN. In the same spot!


I really dig the headphones, and it makes me a bit sad to think that even if I submit ANOTHER RMA which'll probably get approved, the next set are still probably going to break after a month. Sending packages down to the states isn't exactly cheap for me, and I'm not really interesting in doing this 2-3 more times. What are my options here?

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