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My hydrocool is still noisy


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For a couple of months now I have been using my hydrocool and the scratchy noise coming from the pump is beginning to really get to me. It has been suggested to completely drain the system and replace with a PG antifreeze water mixture but unfortunately PG isn't available here in UK.


I have checked fill level, it's fine. If it is cavitation, do I just have to live with it or is there anything I can do?


Thanks for any help guys

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Comma Coldstream antifreeze

refilling with Comma Coldstream (Triguard) (undiluted it comes ready mixed) after carefully flushing out all the previous two year old mono ethylene glycol mixture.


I have noticed that the hoses and rubber components in the cooling system seem to have softened and swollen - for example the extension pipe in the overflow reservoir fell off its spigot due to having swollen (I've refixed it with a hose clip) and the top radiator hose seems swollen like a balloon when hot.


Is this normal? Should I worry, or consider replacing the Coldstream with conventional mono ethylene glycol? There is no loss of coolant (so far!)


Mono Propylene Glycol does not conduct heat as well as Ethylene Glycol and currently carries NO recommendation from any major car manufacturer- and some actually caution against it. The main claim to fame for Mono Propylene Glycol is that its less toxic than Ethylene Glycol. but attacks rubber



Note: use some medical blue gloves or playtex when doing this.


If can't get PG then i'd use EG. i'd change hose connections around each time before you start up, an see if noise goes a away after a week of doing so, if dosen't go away, then flush out system completely with distilled water, removing the lower connection at rear then remove quick connector from hose place in a large (20.liters)pail, then pour distilled water in tank while only HCX is runing but not your motherboard. then when discharge is clear water then add your premixed 33% anti-freeze (EG) and when gets same colour discharge as premix then turn off power an put quick connector back on hose, top up tank



also check this hose if kinked


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