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Questions about RMAing my PSU

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Hi, I am in the UK.


I have a Corsair HX650 which has already been RMA'd once and a replacement sent out a year or two ago.

It still works ok but it ticks/clicks constantly. The noise comes from the FAN I am pretty sure.


1: Is it possible to get just a replacement fan sent out for it and I fit it myself?


If not and I have to RMA the whole unit;


2: Is it possible to get Corsair to send me a replacement first?


I don't want to not have a PSU and hence working system for days/weeks. I do not want to use a "spare" PSU as this would mean going to buy one, plus it took me hours to route all of the cables in my case, which brings me on to my next question;


3: If I have to send the PSU back, can I send only the bare PSU and not the cables?


4: If I get a replacement, would it be another HX650 so that I can continue to use the existing cables I have in the case, or a PSU with compatible connectors for such cables?


5: Do I have to pay shipping to ship it back to Corsair? If not, how do I arrange for Corsair to collect/pay?




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I am sorry but I would suggest you call our customer service with your previous RMA # and they can work this out with you. These questions are not something we can answer on the forum.
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