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Corsair Force GT 240 GB firmware update failed


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Hi, I'm trying to update the firmware on my Corsair Force GT 240 GB SSD disk, but can not do it successfully.


My MB (Asus Sabertooth x58) use the Marvell 91xx SATA 6G Controller and I have set the controller to AHCI in the bios. I even used the Microsoft fix mentioned in a thread elsewhere on this site to set AHCI mode in the registry, but the update tool does not find the disk when running the tool with the SSD disk in the SATA 3.0 port.


I then plugged the disk in a SATA 2.0 port, and the update tool found the disk, which showed FW Rev. 1.3. I paid attention to the last 5 digits in the signature and chose the correct config file, and started the update.


After a little while, the harddisk icon in the update tool showed up with a green check mark, which should indicate that the update was successful.


The FW Rev. number still shows 1.3 though, even after a reboot, so I am at loss what to do next. Does anyone have a suggestion or could point me in the right direction how to do this plz?


I want to upgrade the firmware because I'm experiencing some BSOD at random intervals, like 1-3 times a week, and someone suggested to upgrade the SSD firmware.



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When using SSD, you should only use SATA chipsets such as Intel or AMD.

Most others will not work, have drop-outs, performance issues, or even fail to detect SSDs most times, such as Marvell, Silicon Image, NVIDIA.


So that is usually the issue most people run into is you need to make sure you have Intel or AMD sata chipset first.


And if you want to talk to an SSD natively and get it's full performance potential, the SATA chipset you are using needs to be set to AHCI mode. Which usually will also mean that you need to use Vista OS or later for a good experiences with SSD and/or AHCI mode, and to help avoid compatibility or performance issues.


Asus Sabertooth X58 has multiple colored ports/chipsets.

Intel = Black SATA ports

Marvell = Gray SATA ports

JMicron = Green & Red (eSATA only)


So try the Intel/Black ports. Shouldn't matter which # port though. Long as your Boot Order to setup to how you want.

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