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Corsair K90 caps lock and numlock indicator's dead.


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I purchased my Corsair K90 back on the 13th of february, i returned it for several dead leds and a squeaking spacebar on the 19th, now, the 7th of march my led indicators for caps lock and numlock are both dead, when i turn my system on they both work for a small amount of time, about 15 minutes later they both turn off, sometimes when i press the scroll lock key and the other keys quite a bit they turn on most of the time very dim for 5 minutes then break again, i have tried reinstalling the firmware a few times aswell as the software, I love the keyboard but the reliability thus far has not been upto the standards i thought of from a £100 keyboard.


Do you think maybe PCWorld have a bad batch because all the ones i have recieved from them have broken pretty fast!


I have tried to disable the USB power setting thing that i seen recommended in another thread but it hasn't done the trick, any way i can fix this easily without breaking warranty or will i have to return it back to FaultyPCWorld to get yet another one which is likely to be faulty. (Also their customer support is bad, spent an hour waiting and then they told us to go to another desk.)





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