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Corsair Vengeance 2000 disconnects !!!


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Hallo Everbody,


I just bougt the 2000 headset yesterday after using a logitec 930 horrible headset if i may add :P. Reason is why i bought a 2000 headset is the sound quality is just superb :) but i do have some problems with it like it disconnects after 3 meters of distance is that normal ? because i had no problem with the logitech 930 i could just go 8 meters away wit doors between and was no problem but with the vengeace 2000 after 3 meter in the same room as i walk away and i shake my head it juest disconnects is that a fualty headset what i just have or is there others with the same problem and is that normal.





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I do use the extension cable and i olso tryed without it but still the same problem is still there. I dont have anything wireless in my house everthing is wired so what must i do. I do love the sound quality and how it feels but the disconnects and which i cant go further than 2 meters is my general problem. Maybe i have broking headset?


Greetz, Cerebro

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