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X58 memory bandwith limitation


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I have R3E with a 990X and I use 2 sets of Dominator GT CMT12GX3M3A2000C9 FOR TOTAL OF 24 Gb this has been my set up since Jan 2011. Now what I can tell you is when I run this in XMP so mode (2000)only will show up in windows I am using Win 7 64 Pro. this is due to hitting a limitation of some sort with memory bandwidth I dont know the technical term for it. But if I back down to 1800 or 1866 or anything under that then all 24 Gb will be seen by windows. Am I correct? This is due to a bandwidth limitation with X58/I7 chipset. And can you give me the technical information? Also no matter what I do to the timing or voltage with the memory it still wont recognize 24Gb at 2000.


also I have put this kit into my x79 sabertooth at xmp mode and windows does show all 24Gb so there is a bandwith limitation with x58 and the I7 together correct?

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