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second RMA replacement for a tx850m had coil whine.

can someone check the replacement before send it back? if i have problems again with the new tx850m I must stay again 10 days with out pc

if the tx850 units has problems better to send me a 750 unit with out problems.

i want my pc works without problems

RMA case 5672327.


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Sorry to hear that. Is this the replacement unit that we have recently sent out? I think it was sent 2 days ago.


yes mr Ram Guy just received my second replacement tx850m from rma.

the psu has coil whine but it's not bother me because the sound of coil whine it's not so loud.

the psu has another problem with the fan.

the fan clicking!!

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MR Ram Guy


this is the 3rd rma case #5779515

Corsair Technical Support told me that i must to pay the shipping to send the psu back to corsair:[pouts:.

my previous Case #5567233 and case#5672327

I ‏received the second faulty replacement unit from corsair 03/14/2013.

I pay shipping for my first rma the second rma corsair arranged a UPS pick up for free this is the 3rd I must pay again shipping cost?

can you help me?

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Tech support message (We have arranged a UPS pick up for your return. Your RMA number is 5779515. Please allow 1-2 business days before contacting UPS to set up a pick up for your package. UPS makes 3 attempts for the pick-up, please make sure to have your package ready to avoid further delays. Once we receive your unit in we will then process your replacement promptly)

Mr Ram Guy can you make me a favor and check the new unit before send it back to me?

i see many tx units has this problems and i don't want to use rma 4rth time for another faulty unit.

thank you

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today i received my third tx850m replacement unit from corsair.

and guess what fan ticking noise again worse than before.

fan make ticking when i move the mouse and when i press keys on keyboard.

well done corsair! i send and receive faulty units 3 months now.

corsair components

ssd corsair force 3 120gb with no problems

case corsair 600t white with fan controller problem.corsair support send me a replacement fan controller.

psu tx 850m three replacement units and all three have problems

ram corsair vengeance 2x4gb no problems

h100 with pump noise.not even bother send it to corsair.sell it before 2 months.

and now what?

i must send to corsair the faulty unit to receive faulty unit again?

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The PSU fan should not be aware of when you're using your mouse or keyboard. I'd recommend running the PSU outside of your system to test your theory. That way it's easier to hear it if/when it makes a noise when using your keyboard / mouse.
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My problem has been resolved by corsair customer support team.

i want to say a big thank you to all Corsair's EXCELLENT! customer support team.

My replacement unit is the HX850!

there is zero fan noise zero coil whine from this unit.

thank you again.

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