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Corsair 650D - HDD Tray Issue


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Hi everyone!


I recently bought a Corsair 650D for my new build. It's a great case and I'm glad it lives up to the Corsair name. However, I've run into a minor problem.


For some reason the RHS handle of the fourth HDD tray broke off as I was removing it from the cage. I was scratching my head for a while. The reason being, that I didn't use any excessive force. I had removed the above 3 with minimal force and none of them broke. I removed the fourth one and as I was doing so, the handle just broke. There's another thread with a member that has encountered the same problem.


I don't really know what to do. Do I have grounds to RMA? I don't really want to drive back 2 hours to the place I bought the case from, just for a HDD tray.


Could someone please offer me some assistance/advice? I'm a little bit frustrated because I spent a premium buying this case and to have a HDD tray handle snap is a little bit unsettling for me.

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