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H100i fan screw length, could this cause an issue?


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Hello All,


I just purchased a H100i unit from Newegg.com and installed it last night, very pleased so far, nice and cold in the tower, 24 c on my CPU. But the screws that came with the fans are very long. When screwing them in i noticed that in order for the fan to be secure to the radiator the screw would go into the radiator coils. Being made of thin metal and circulating fluid though them, I wanted to make sure that the teeth of the screw going into the radiator coils would not cause a rupture? I did notice that all eight screws did go in that far so i want to make sure before i notice any long term affects or possibly get a replacement radiator and shorter screws corsair if this unintended defect and will be an issue. Let me know what you think.


thank you,


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As far i remember, they touch slightly only the fins, not the parts filled with water, or?

I also become a lil afraid but i looked into that with a tourch and it seem, the screws only touching the fins slightly.


But really, they could be a little bit shorter, thats true. I used washers on the headside of the screws to be sure they wont touch anything.




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the fins are only used to disparate the heat from the radiator ,you could smash em closed with no ill effect,unless of course there were too much of an area smashed that would inhibit airflow which would raise temps.

bending or having a screw go in them will not hurt.

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