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Hydro series non-"i" version Clorsair Link connectivity options...


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I just want to be perfectly clear on this: so the older Hydro coolers can only connect to a Link Commander control box? They wont just plug into a free USB port with the proper cable like the newer "i" series, right?


I'm getting a new H100i and my brother is inheriting my H100 for his new build. Just want to make sure so I can hook it up if I can while it's on the bench.


Also, if I understand it correctly, if you plug the 2 fans into the headers on the pump, their speed is controlled by pressing the button that also controls the pump speed?


Thanks in advance, guys. I've been really impressed with the direction Corsair's been going with their components. My brother's new machine is going to have no less than a case, power supply, RAM and CPU cooler all by Corsair. My rig has several Corsair components as well. Keep up the good work! :)

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