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H60 need help


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hi my H60 (2nd gen) has just arrived I have a few questions....


1. I was surprised to see that the copper base was dirty and that there ware some scratches, is this normal ? should I get it replaced ? will this effect performance?


2.The radiator had some dents can this cause issues ?


3.Can I mount the radiator so that the tubing is on top? I´m curious because If you do watercooling you have to consider gravity and I have never seen any1 mount it that way


I hope someone can answer my questions.

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yes I tried cpu fan header 4500rpm case fan header 4500rpm 12V (sounds like 4500 rpm) if I put it to 7V the sound is different not a whining noise but a rattling noise maybe its normal to hear the pump? I really dont want to return it :(: the pump is supposed to get 12V right ?
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