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M60 Intermittent Issues

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I am having issues with my M60 mouse. Recently it will just randomly stop responding to any movement. The key clicks still register but will not move my cursor at all. The only way to resolve the issue is to unplug the mouse and plug it back in. I have tried different USB 2.0 ports with no success. I am on the newest firmware 1.11 and software This is also a windows 7 64 bit machine.


The mouse is just over a year old and I can duplicate this issue on a different computer.


Again it is totally random, I can be surfing or gaming and just out of the blue it will freeze up.


I have submitted a tech support case last week and no one responded and I went ahead and made a new one yesterday (5685745 ) because I didnt catch the forgot case number feature.


Could use your assistance Ram Guy!

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