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Different Corsair Link Readout


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so, i got this awesome PSU (AX1200i).

If i plug the Corsair Link in the USB Dongle directly onto my Mobo (Rampage IV Extreme), i have kinda this readings:


Efficiency 99%

Power IN 112W (idle)

Power OUT 110W (idle)

Generaly its -2W in Power OUT


then i remembered, that i could plug the PSU into my h100i to save up some cable usage und one more free internel USB.

but if i do that, the readings are kinda like:


Efficiency 89%

Power IN 150W (idle)

Power OUT 138W (idle)

Generaly its -12W or more in Power OUT


sooo, what is up with that?

what is the more accurate reading?

and is there something i can do about it?


thank! :)


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