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Firmware 1.05 hi piched noise from fans is gone but....


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I just updated to the new firmware as I saw that for some people here is solved the noisy fan issue , as soon as I updated it the noise was GONE!! yes thanks god for that and good job corsair.

but now there are 2 weird problems.

1. my fans on corsairlink2 show up as 3&4 and 1&2 are not working..... but I have only 2 fans connected.

2. now my cpu temps are high and wrong , used to different softwares to read the temps they both show 33c while corsair link shows 45c!! and it loks like the cooling performance went down.....

3. when on balanced mode the hi pitched noise comes back but at a much lower volume but it is there , on performance and silent its gone

any ideas ? is any body having the same issue?

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1) Uninstall the software and also remove all traces of the CL software profiles and try reinstalling the software.


2)Cooling did not go down it's the software not reading correctly. The only way for cooling capacity to go down is if the pump quits or fails.

Keep in ind too that having /using multiple monitoring softwares at the same time can and will throw off the sensors giving erroneous readings.


3) Did you get the new PWM fans with your cooler or did you recieve one with the 3 pin fans. ? If yours are 3 pins then i would submit an RMA and request the new PWM fans for your unti

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i don't think i can get the new fans since i live in Israel im using the stock fans that came with it (3pin)

i will try uninstalling the corsair link 2 and re installing it and let you know if it help , i know about the wrong temps with multiple monitoring softwares but i had to make sure the link is reading it wrong and that its not a cooler malfunction


thanks for the help

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I think it helped to uninstall and reinstall the CL2 but im still getting the fans as 3&4

as well I wanted to know if im grouping everything right , ill try to post a screen shot here



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