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Will ram clear my beat sink?


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Hey guys! Working on my first build. I asked tigerdirect if the following pieces would fit together and I wanted to ask you for some reassurance.


I ordered corsair vengeance 2x4 (8gb) and a thermaltake spinq vt to go onto a z77 asrock extreme 4.


The heatsink / ram and a few others are in the mail but I have yet to order the mobo. Would anyone be able to tell me if the ram / heatsink config will work with this mobo or should I order a different one?


Case is phantom 410 and the dimensions for the cooler are


120.1 (L) x 120.1 (W) x 159 (H) mm


I'll have about 11mm clearance with the height the width is what's making me nervous.


Thank you for your time.

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Is there anyway to tell ahead of time what mobos use slot 2/4 for channel one instead of 1/3?


A: Yes down load the manual for the respective MB and start with that. But a better question for the specific MB manufacturer.


Are the dimm slots always the same distance from the cpu or does it vary?

A: Yes it can vary again one for the MB makers more so than a memory maker.

There is always a reference design for the chipsets that a MB may use but MB manufacturers do not have to follow the reference designs. Most do but some do not like ASUS and Gigabyte are the two top manufacturers that routinely do not follow reference designs.

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