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H80 Fan speeds being funny


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My H80 is soon to be 1 year of age and has been working really good until now.


My fans are speeding up and then going down again, for no reason when the computer is on idle. With temps at 25-30C (77-86F).


I did have this problem when I first bought it, but I searched the forums for 5 minutes and reset the block, by pushing the button for 5 sec and then restarting the computer.


That fixed the fan speed problem that time. Until now.


I have tried doing just the same a few times now. And been lurking the forums again for tips on how to solve it. But I cannot seem to get it to work properly again.


If anyone have any suggestions of what I could try to do, without replacing parts, then please do share :)

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how low do you have your fans set at?try bumping the low speed up @100 rpm and see if it stabilizes


I am running the lowest speed at the moment. But I've tried all 3 settings by now.


I also noticed just now that it switches back to the 3rd and fastest setting every time I restart the computer. Weird, didn't notice that earlier.

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