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Sp2500 High pitch noise


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English is not my native language so go easy on my spelling.


Alright i bought me a set of SP2500 speakers on the date of 2013-02-21.

Get everything home and tried it out. They work well beyond my expectations so i'm very happy with them.


However after a few days i started hearing a very very annoying beeping/whining noise. First thought it was from the speakers but it turns out it was from the Desktop Controller. The beeping is so loud that it can be heard from the next room. Seems to fluctuate in frequency when i turn the volume up and down. Also the screen has started flickering in the lower part.


Now the reason i'm writing this here is that this is not ok with me and normally i wold try and get it exchanged or get a refund from the store i bought it but like all my other corsair stuff it came with a "do not return to store" note, so i'm now unsure what to do.


Can i get help with this issue from corsair or should i just go ahead and return it to the store?


I did try tech support thingy on the webpage last week but have not heard anything.

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What was your case number Sudden? If its easier, you can return it to the store (the notice is just for us to assist with any issues that can be solved). If your store won't take it back, we can exchange it for you through a RMA instead.
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Thanks for the reply.


I did talk to the store and they offer their own 2 year Warranty so they wold take it back without hassle. I did get a reply from corsair technical support advising me to do an RMA.


However i felt it wold just be easier to send it back to the store so back it went.

Hoping i get a new set soon tough since the sound in those bad boys was awesome.


Thanks for the help RAM GUY.

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