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Corsair Vengeance 2000 cracked earcup.


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I've had the headphones for little over two months, when I first purchased them the right earcup (the broken side) sounded like it had something loose inside it (I actually made a forum post about this which is still available to view). It eventually stopped making the noise and I disregarded it. Earlier today I put them on and I heard a little snap, and I thought it was just the headphones adjusting, but it was actually the pivot point on the right earcup which had gave way.


I will provide some pictures if you would like to view them, excuse the quality. It is just to give you a general idea.





As you can see, the fracture is slightly above the earcup, it has just literally came to pieces, the earcup is now dangling from the headphones.

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Put in a RMA request with the link to the left and let me know your case number. I'll approve it for you and get it exchanged.


Case #5701634


Cheers for the speedy reply and the replacement, much appreciated. I do really enjoy the product and it's nice to see you looking after your customers so well.

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Your RMA has been approved Anto. Go ahead and fill out the rest of it in the email I sent you and you'll automatically get the instructions after to proceed with the exchange.


Thank you so much for your help, much appreciated.

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I have the exact same issue.


RAM GUY, if you are agreeable to help me out in the same fashion, I'll be most appreciative.


Case #5749776


Thanks so much!

If you've already created a case you don't need to post on the forum. I've responded to your case.
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