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AX1200i - think I broke it.


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I can't seem to find specific information on how power can go on one 6pin rail. I had a few fans and a MCP655 hooked up to one rail and all was well for about 6 weeks. Today I noticed the fans turning on and off and smoke starting to come from the PSU. No leak in the water loop, so something definitely happened with the PSU.


I have the advanced replacement from Microcenter. I submitted an RMA but it seems faster to get a replacement from Microcenter because I can just go and do it right away.


Little dissappointed with the PSU, though. Not sure if there's something better in Corsair's lineup?

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Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately these types of failures happen no matter the manufacture or model type.


There is no better PSU in the line up...that is Corsairs flagship PSU.


Any idea how much power (wattage) should be distributed amongst the 6pin rails labeled PREIPHERAL & SATA?


I'm looking at slot 4 and the pin labeled +12v was the one that burned up. All of the rest are fine. I assumed if too much power was being drawn it would shut down on its own - is this not the case?

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Are you using extensions on your PC by any chance? For the 24 and 8 pin EPS?


But to answer your question, it shouldn't matter. It's a single rail PSu so there is no need to really divide peripherals.


No, no extensions. The only thing I would consider an extension is my fan controllers. I have 2 Lamptron Miltary switches that are 4pin and offer 60w per channel. I have 3 fans hooked up to each and those fans consume 48w each.


Then I also have a Swiftech MCP35X hooked up to the same dongle. This is all coming off of a 6 pin EPS that's connected to the SATA/PERIPHERAL port.


This setup was working for a long time, probably 6-8 weeks before it blew up on me. The power consumption was 590 - 620 watts, this came directly from the smart PDU I had it plugged in to.

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