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AMAZING!!! How I would love to have the machines you have to do this work. I have a couple questions if you dont mind me asking. When it comes to finishing the acrylic pieces after milling, what is your process? They look so smooth and... delicious. :headbang::headbang:


And for the frosted acrylic - did you buy them this way (frosted)? Or did you do some kind of process to make them like this.


Great job again!


Hi there,


As for the cut finish it is simply down to tooling, cut speeds, feed speeds etc. Also cut temperature. We had a bunch of problems to start with cutting in about -1 over in the UK haha.


The frosted acrylic can be purchased as is from a number of suppliers. I think it is literally sold as 'frosted' acrylic! :)

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Wow -1! I guess you dont really need a radiator for your water coolant. It could freeze! ;):


What do you do with the pieces after milling? Do you buff the edges to get rid of any burring? Thanks again and cant wait to see more!

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Wow -1! I guess you dont really need a radiator for your water coolant. It could freeze! ;):


What do you do with the pieces after milling? Do you buff the edges to get rid of any burring? Thanks again and cant wait to see more!


If the cut temperature is suitable we don't have to touch the cut afterwards. More for you now :D




Time to manage some cables.










So first we work on the top chamber. A portion of this will be kept visible from above so these will be managed with some degree of care. The back of the case will be contained so we don't have to be as careful.


We begin by using MDPC clips and clamping each 6 cable bundle to the acrylic:




To fit these cables we use brass inserts and M3 bolts:





To insert the brass peices into the acrylic we used the good old solder iron trick that we first spotted on a project log some time back:







Finishing the rest of the GPU power leads:





Moving to the back of the case; more of the same but as I said not important here to keep it tidy, these wont be seen. The only reason we are doing it is to take any cable bulge or pressure off of the side panel:





With the 24pin we just cable tie it to the other cables. Again we are not going to make this look perfect as it will be housed with acrylic:





Sadly that is all for today folks. Just keeping you in the loop!

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Back again. Sorry for the lack of eye-candy; got to get the boring bits done to make the eye-candy better later ;D!


We start with a little drawing:





This is one of the two sections that will make up the back chamber. To hide some cables and enclose the fan controller. Remember there will be a side panel still so some of the boring white will be covered. Tools 45', 1.5mm & 3mm:











With both pieces fixed together:






The chamber installed into the back of the case, first use is to hide these molex and other junk in the top. We have actually had to ditch the custom res. We plan to make one in a different spot in the case. It was just to tight to run 4 tubes from the small reservoir AND 4 tubes to each pump. There is also talk of a GPU upgrade and perhaps introducing a rad box to compensate for the new gained power... but we will see!




A helping hand to show you the fan controller in place:




(The controller itself wont actually be seen, more fabrication to come)


Some more photos of the chamber installed:





And a final shot; there is some crazy stuff hiding away in that top chamber!!!




See you all soon!

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This is beautiful work! Can't wait to see more.


Thank you! A little more for you!!!:











Hey guys, managed to make some real good progress on the build last week. Been staying at the warehouse after work till around 9PM often so going well!


Not to much in this update but expect a fair few updates real soon. Filling the loop in the next update! Exciting....!


We had pretty much the hardest of the tubes to do. Always leave the hard parts till last ;)! The problem you find here is that you cant really use acrylic tubes in such a small place with the connectors you are limited to (without bending the tubing).


We had been determined to ONLY use acrylic tubing even though using a little bit of traditional tubing would have saved us so much stress.


Tricky connection no.1

Resolved with 3 different angle connections to make it work! ALMOST horizontal connection:





Tricky connection no.2

We got around this by using a double angle connection on the RAM block & the top chamber:





And a final shot to show you the complete connections to the hardware:




A more exciting update next friends. Finally fill the dual loop!!


Goodnight, sleep tight!!

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So now for the fun part! In the loops we have mayhems red & white. The best fluids we've used. In honesty we don't do any fancy temperature or flow tests... as long as our hardware is at a suitable temp and it looks good that's all that matters here. All about aesthetics!

As for Mayhems if you haven't had a look at the fluids you really should!!


One colour for each mini res:






We fill both loops at once here. All mobo power intact and no paper towl or anything to protect us from possible leaks.. we have far to much faith in what can be very tempermental fittings & acrylic tubing ;). Here are some photos I managed to get as we booted the system a few times:








So we did go ahead and finish filling the loop but you can see a few other little bits before I show you thats.

We made a start on the top layer. This is made up for a 5mm red then a 5mm white. Here is the red:




We then cut the top from the white. The rog logo requires some very tight cuts. The Hole at the rear has a nice 120° edge cut and the entire panel had been cut out with a 45° cutter:




A cheeky shot of the back with the red rear chamber installed. Remember there will be a second white layer to cover the majority of this:




We then finished the side panel. Very similar to the standard S1.0. but just revaling more of the internals. The 'republic of gamers' text was inlayed with forsted red. Very fiddly to get the tolerance to actually work and get these letters installed without any cracking! Here are a few shots of the loop filled with side panel in place:






With the white roof layer installed. We may actually inlay the ROG logo here with grey and red but its extremly tricky and we wanted to see how the cut through would look first:




We will leave you with some nice shots of the case now both loops have been filled. This is really what the case was about. Redicleous amount of hardware and cooling:


  • Socket 2011 i7
  • 16GB RAM
  • 2 x 7870
  • 2 x 240mm rads (60mm & 35mm)
  • 2 x DCC pumps
  • 2 x SSD's
  • 5 Waterblocks
  • Over 40 fittings!!


This all in a somewhat 'neat' mATX LAN rig. It really wasn't until this point we really got to see our our hardwork shine on this one. Will we ever straight tube cool a rig this small again? hmmm unsure..... ;)













Once again thank you all for reading. We hope these photos made reading and following so far worth while. We would say the build is about 90% complete now to be honest. We have since added a second layer just to strenghten the entire thing. Its MAD heavy and have a bunch of final touches. To have a few bits to finish. The PSU side cover which will inclose the fan controller etc. The top ROG inlay and case feet.


Please understand these are not the final photos so if you do wish to share them wait for the best! We are heading to the studio Tuesday to get some super nice final shots together for you with a great friend of ours Tom Barnes. If you are into photography you should check out his work here. He couldn't shoot things any further away from computers but he can sure as hell make a fine job of them as well.


Untill then! Have a good one!

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Definitely worth the read. This is absolutely beautiful work! I wish you guys good luck with your cases!


Thank you very much. Glad you enjoyed the read :)


Hey guys, firstly a big thanks! It's been an amazing little trip on this build. We have had some great input and amazing ideas. What has been done to the S1.0 here has filled us with ideas and possibilities for future projects & products. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have!


After work Tuesday evening we drove to our friend Tom's studio. We were very fortunate to have him shooting the case as he does not typically do this kind of work. Tom is a professional international music & portrait photographer and you can see this come through in our final photos. Please have a look at his portfolio here.

We wanted to do something a little more fun so he was ideal for the job. We take our own photos with a Mark II & have a good studio background so high quality finished photos have already been shown.


We decided... or at least Tom decided to shoot each photo with long exposure so we could play around with are own light. Helpful to boost light in focal areas and just to look great! The idea was perfect for us as we wanted something really exciting, busy and different. The entire case was meant to have a bright and fun vibe hence so much white and the bold inlay work. We wanted to pull it away from the very dark rigs often seen. This represents us as a company and lets our personalities come through. If you get to meet us you will see we are far from businessmen and hope this portrays that. Power to the modders!


We understand these photos won't be to everyone's taste but after all, it is our project and we are having some fun here so enjoy!
















Again just want to thank everyone. Hopefully if we keep staying late after work we can get the ITX project log up!

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At the iSeries event for the rest of the weekend. It's been great so far! Come check out the rigs @ H2-A1-5










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