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M90 key repeat issue?


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I recently bought the M90 mouse as an alternative for my G9x. While I like the mouse so far, I find that there is a fatal flaw that prevents me from using it properly. Let me explain my situation.


I got the mouse with the 15 buttons, as I like having extra buttons for my games; I usually assign them to specific keys on my keyboard which are closer to my left hand (I usually have one button mapped to , and one mapped to .); I found that the software is indeed able to use Keystrokes, but, they do not emulate keystrokes properly.


To reproduce the issue:

- Add a keystroke to any mouse button, setting it to be the period key

- Remove all delays in the options; set all ms entries to 0, select Ignore Delays, etc. Do not set any additional options.

- Save/Close the dialog. Open Notepad, and repeatedly press the key.


You will notice that rather than acting as if the key is being pressed on and off, it seems to stick for about 900 ms between presses, which makes it impossible to use in an environment where you must continuously press the key. It's very off-putting, as I use this mouse solely for the extra buttons, and as the extra buttons don't work properly I can't rely on it.


I have tried the method of using a Macro instead, however, that causes it to press the key too quickly, which renders it nearly useless as well (for instance, if an application hooks the KeyDown and KeyUp events, holding down a keystroke will only continuously call KeyDown until it is released, which then is followed by a KeyUp; by using a macro, KeyDown & KeyUp are called in succession, which again cause failures in emulation).


Is there anything that can be done about this very basic broken feature?

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