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I would like community advide on a loop for my new rig

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I will post a build log here.


My hardware so far:



Koolance blocks for both

3x EVGA Titan SC cards

Crucial 512 M4

2GB WD Black

32 GB 1866 Corsair Platinum


It's time to go big and put this all in a 900D. I'd like to really get better cooling then I have now. Loop suggestions are what I really need. I think dual loops would be better. 2k budget for watercooling and the case. Let's get this done.

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What components are you planning on water cooling in your loop? With the RIVE, you have options to incorporate the VRM and chipset into your loop. I would recommend pump #1 to cool the CPU, chipset, and VRMs with a top mounted rad, pump #2 to cool the 3 Titans with a bottom mounted rad. Keep this thread alive once you start getting the parts together, I wanna see the end result...
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Y can't I be this rich. With 2k to throw around u can have pretty much the best loop u could possibly fit in a 900D. May as well cool everything you can on the board ram and CPU in 1 loop and GPUs on the other like Joe said.


With the amount of $$$ I spent on both rigs combined (and still spending :sigh!:), I should have built something as near or just as good as the OP.


With dual loops, that would be the way to do it on a RIVE board, especially with three sick GPUs!! I also suggest parallel over series for the GPU loop, unless you want three different temp readings.

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